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It all started with a vacuum cleaner and a bottle of pinesol, and has now grown to a team of over 80 Divas/ Divos. Our goal at Southern Domestic Diva is to provide luxury and professional services at a fraction of the cost. With over 10 years of cleaning experience, Southern Domestic Diva has the tools and resources to provide unmatched cleaning services which always include a touch of southern hospitality.

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Attention to Detail

Our Divas stand out for their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that no nook or cranny goes unnoticed, leaving every space immaculately clean.

Friendly & Trustworthy Staff

Southern Domestic Diva takes pride in its vetted team who not only deliver exceptional cleaning services but also create a welcoming and reliable environment.

Competitive Pricing

Diva offers competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our cleaning services, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their money.

Our Proven Track Record

We have over 9 years of delivering outstanding services, earning the trust and satisfaction of our clients through performance and exceptional results.


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Meet The Divas

Our Executive Team!

Allie Williamson

Chief Diva in Charge

Allie is the Owner and CEO of Southern Domestic Diva, a multi-services cleaning company operating out of Southwest Mississippi and Nashville, Tennessee. Allie decided to clean a few houses after hours to make extra cash for the Holidays. Allie would get off work from her 9-5 corporate job, change clothes, grab a bottle of Pine-Sol and her vacuum and clean houses each afternoon. Her initial success encouraged her to leave the corporate world and begin her entrepreneurial journey in 2014 and Southern Domestic Diva was formed.

Amani Kelly

Chief Operating Officer

Amani’s background for the last 25 years has been rooted in sales, sales leadership and operations, from start-ups, and small to mid-sized corporations. Most recently holding a Director position for publicly-held, NASDAQ traded, Forrester Research (FORR) for which he served in various leadership roles for over 11 years. As the Chief Business and Strategy Leader for SDD Cleaning, he is responsible for operations, sales, and strategy. Amani holds a degree in Business from Emmanuel College, and is originally from Salem, MA, but has called Nashville, Tennessee his home for over 6 years.

Rachel Jergins

Human Resources & Scheduling Manager

Rachel Jergins is Southern Domestic Divas Mississippi Office’s Human Resources and Scheduling Manager and has been for the past three years. Rachel graduated from Copiah Lincoln Community College and had five years of experience in Human Resources Management. She enjoys spending time with her and her wife’s family, and with their miracle baby Finlea. They also enjoy traveling any chance they get!

Renee Hearn

Finance Manager

Renee Hearn is Southern Domestic Diva’s Finance Manager and will have been in her position for four years. She worked in Finance for eight years and Bookkeeping for four years prior to her hire at SDD. Renee loves spending time outdoors as much as possible especially in her garden, and quality time with her loved ones!

Ana Sanchez

Team Manager

Ana Sanchez is our Team Manager and has been so for the past three years. Previous to her hire at Southern Domestic Diva, Ana worked in the Food Franchising Industry for 17 years in a managerial position. Ana loves going to her children’s soccer games and spending time with friends, especially her good friend Gladys.

Chelsea Frambach

Media Marketing Manager

Chelsea Frambach joined our team in 2023 as our Media Marketing Manager. She graduated from William Paterson University and had two years of Media Marketing experience. Chelsea enjoys traveling to Washington D.C. and spending all her time in museums.

Gwen Boutwell

Operations Manager

Gwen Boutwell is Southern Domestic Diva’s Operations Manager and has been for the past eight years. Gwen graduated from Copiah Lincoln Junior College and had thirty-six years of experience in Operations with Georgia Pacific. Gwen enjoys decorating/ distressing furniture, as well as shopping.

Brittany McCoskey

Office Manager

Brittany McCoskey is Southern Domestic Diva’s Office Manager and has been with us for one year. Brittany joined on as a cleaner with us and has been promoted three times to her current position. Brittany loves spending time with her little girl and watching her grow. She is also building wealth for her family.


Our Team!


Abril Martinez

Alma Meza

Cecilia Montoya

Efrain Cabnal

Efrain Villegas

Erika Guzman

Giovanna Venitez

Juana Perez

Leslie Gomez

Lucia Amaya

Manuel Sanchez

Martina Jimenez

Nansys Castillo

Norma Espinoza

Olga Lopez

Olga Villamil

Sonia Xo

Jander Diaz

Jose Hernandez

Marlene Morales

Mirna Perez

Wanda Washington

Charissa Tackett

Lolita Mitchell

Miranda Maria

Marta Perez

Marillia Maria

Wensy Martinez


Ashley Armstrong

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